Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 27–31 | Cite as

Synthesis of model alanine-glycine peptides

  • L. N. Nikolenko
  • M. A. Ponomareva-Stepnaya
  • R. Badalova


The possibility of synthesizing alanine-glycine tetra- and hexapeptides by the N-acylation of amino acids and peptides and also by that of their benzyl esters with thiophenyl and p-nitrophenyl esters of cbz-peptides has been shown.


Ammonium Salt Glycylglycine Glycyl Benzyl Ester Alanyl 


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  • L. N. Nikolenko
  • M. A. Ponomareva-Stepnaya
  • R. Badalova

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