Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 554–556 | Cite as

The lignin of the algaFucus vesiculosus

  • V. M. Reznikov
  • M. F. Mikhaseva
  • M. A. Zil'bergleit


1. The plant material ofFucus vesiculosus has been treated with metallic sodium in liquid ammonia. The total yield of products extractable by ether was 1.1%.

2. In the products of the decomposition of the lignin ofFucus vesiculosus 12 phenols and acids have been identified by paper chromatography and gas-liquid chromatography and it has thereby been established that the lignin of algae consists of p-coumaryl, guaiacyl, and syringyl structural units.

3. The composition of the decomposition products confirms the hypothesis expressed previously that the brown algaFucus vesiculosus contains lignin.


Vanillin Paper Chromatography Liquid Ammonia Sulfanilic Acid Metallic Sodium 


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  • V. M. Reznikov
  • M. F. Mikhaseva
  • M. A. Zil'bergleit

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