Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 509–510 | Cite as

A comparative study of the alkaloids ofCorydalis species

  • N. N. Margvelashvili
  • O. N. Tolkachev
  • N. P. Prisyazhnyuk
  • A. T. Kir'yanova


A comparative chemical study of five species of corydalis (Corydalis rosea Leych.,C. gigantea Trautv. et Mey,C. vaginans Royle,C. remota Fisch., andC. marschalliana Pers.) has shown that important characteristics of the individual species are not only the type but also the particular composition of the alkaloids within each group and, in particular, the presence of certain characteristic signs connected with the biosynthesis of the alkaloids such as 13-methyl derivatives, phenolic compounds, racemic forms, etc.


Alkaloid Sanguinarine Racemic Form Protopine Benzophenanthridine 

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  • N. N. Margvelashvili
  • O. N. Tolkachev
  • N. P. Prisyazhnyuk
  • A. T. Kir'yanova

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