Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 24–26 | Cite as

The distribution of some alkaloids in heterogeneous systems

  • T. Artykova
  • Kh. N. Aripov
  • T. T. Shakirov


1. The distribution of the alkaloids investigated in the heterogeneous systems selected is accompanied by salt formation.

2. The distribution coefficients of the 13 alkaloids studied change within wide limits (from 0 to 10 and more) according to the pH of the buffer solution, the heterogeneous system, the basic strengths of the alkaloids, etc.

3. In order to characterize the distribution of alkaloids in heterogeneous systems and to differentiate alkaloids with respect to their basic strength, the value of pH1/2, in addition to pKa, is proposed.


Morphine Alkaloid Distribution Coefficient Heterogeneous System Papaverine 


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  • T. Artykova
  • Kh. N. Aripov
  • T. T. Shakirov

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