Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Primary structure of stellin B

  • E. P. Yulikova
  • V. K. Rybin
  • A. B. Silaev


Stellin B, a protamine fromAcipenser stellatus, has been subjected to thermolysin hydrolysis. Eight peptides have been isolated by chromatography on CM-Sephadex, and their structures have been determined by dansylation and by hydrolysis with carboxypeptidases A and B and with trypsin. From the results obtained, the complete amino acid sequence of stellin B has been established.


Amino Acid Composition Protamine Alkyl Ester Complete Amino Acid Sequence Dansyl Chloride 


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  • E. P. Yulikova
  • V. K. Rybin
  • A. B. Silaev

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