Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Isolation of an intracellular lipase from the heat-tolerant fungus Rhizopus microsporus UzLT-1 and its properties

  • K. D. Davranov
  • Zh. Kh. Duyarov


1. A method of isolating and purifying an intracellular lipase of the fungusRhizopus microsporus, UzLT-1, has been described.

2. Some properties of the purified enzyme have been studied and it has been shown that the intracellular lipase differs from the extracellular lipase in its pH optimum and electrophoretic mobility.

3. The presence of sodium chloride (0.06 M) in the reaction mixture raises the heat stability of the purified lipase.


Lipase Lipase Activity Extracellular Lipase Disk Electrophoresis Lipase Preparation 


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  • K. D. Davranov
  • Zh. Kh. Duyarov

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