Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 443–446 | Cite as

Withanolides of Physalis I. Physalactone

  • V. A. Maslennikova
  • R. N. Tursunova
  • N. K. Abubakirov


1. A new withanolide, which has been called physalactone, has been isolated fromPhysalis alkekengi L. growing in Turkmenia. It has the structure of 4β,17,20α(R)-trihydroxy-3-methoxy-1-oxo-5β,6β-epoxy-22R-witha-8(14), 24-dienolide.


Peracetic Acid Epigeal Part Cyclic Ketone Steroid Sapogenin Trisubstituted Double Bond 

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  • V. A. Maslennikova
  • R. N. Tursunova
  • N. K. Abubakirov

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