Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 9, Issue 6, pp 676–684 | Cite as

A glucuronosyldiglyceride from an actinomycete

A mass-spectrometric investigation of glycerol glycosides
  • S. G. Batrakov
  • E. F. Il'ina
  • B. V. Rozynov
  • L. D. Bergel'son


1. From the sum of the cell lipids of a strain ofStreptomyces producing the antibiotic aureolic acid a glycoside has been isolated which is a 1-O-(α-D-glucopyranuronosyl)-2,3-diacylglycerol.

2. The trimethylsilyl derivatives of glycerol glycosides have been studied by mass spectrometry. Features of the fragmentation under electron impact of the trimethylsilyl derivatives of the glyceryl glucosides have been determined; the results obtained enable the method of combined gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to be used for the identification of diacylglyceryl uronosides in lipid fractions.


Methyl Ester MeOH Glycoside Glyceryl Fatty Acid Residue 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. G. Batrakov
  • E. F. Il'ina
  • B. V. Rozynov
  • L. D. Bergel'son

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