Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 6, pp 640–642 | Cite as

The protopectin of the leaves and petioles of Sosnovskii's cowparsnip and heartleaf colewort

  • M. S. Dudkin
  • M. A. Parfent'eva
  • N. G. Shkantova


1. The protopectins of the petioles and leaves of Sosnovskii's cowparsnip and heartleaf colewort have been studied. It has been shown that the protopectins of wild-growing herbs are similar to the pectins of fruit and vegetables.

2. The heterogeneity of the pectins isolated has been shown by the fractionation method. Two main fractions were obtained — neutral (weakly acidic) and acidic.


Pectin Carbazole Galacturonic Acid Ammonium Oxalate Hydrogen Phthalate 


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  • M. S. Dudkin
  • M. A. Parfent'eva
  • N. G. Shkantova

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