Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp 730–732 | Cite as

Thin-layer chromatographic analysis of the products of the hydrogenation of anabasine, ammodendrine, and isoammodendrine

  • Yu. N. Forostyan
  • E. I. Efimova


It has been shown by TLC on a nonfixed layer of Al2O3 that the hydrogenation ofl-anabasine forms four stereoisomers and that of N-acetylanabasine three substances, and the conditions for their chromatography and their R f values have been determined.

The α,β-bipiperidyl described previously is actually a mixture of two stereoisomers to which, according to their R f values, saponified dihydroammodendrine and dihydroisoammodendrine correspond.

The product of the reduction of ammodendrine is identical in R f value with one of the four products from dihydroisoammodendrine. Their hydrolysis leads to the formation of the corresponding stereoisomers of α,β-bipiperidyl.


Alkaline Hydrolysis Hydrochloric Acid Solution Isoamyl Alcohol Anabasine Platinum Oxide 


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  • Yu. N. Forostyan
  • E. I. Efimova

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