Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp 705–707 | Cite as

Neocembrene — A new diterpene hydrocarbon from Picea obovata and Pinus koraensis

  • É. N. Shmidt
  • N. K. Kashtanova
  • V. A. Pentegova


From the hydrocarbon fractions of the oleoresins ofPicea obovata Ledb andPinus koraensis Sieb. Zucc. a new monocyclic diterpene hydrocarbon — neocembrene — has been isolated, and a structure has been proposed for it.


Isoprenyl Permit Structure Dihydro Derivative Trisubstituted Double Bond Cembrene 


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  • É. N. Shmidt
  • N. K. Kashtanova
  • V. A. Pentegova

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