Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 476–480 | Cite as

Action of trypsin on a nucleoprotein from sturgeon gonads

  • A. N. Bulanova
  • E. P. Yulikova
  • I. A. Kashirin


A nucleoprotein has been isolated from the gonads of the Caspian sturgeon and its composition has been determined. It has been shown that it contains 55% of DNA, 2% of RNA, 36% of protamines, and about 7% of nonprotamine proteins of nonbasic nature. The nucleoprotein has been hydrolyzed with trypsin, and the amino acid compositions of some hydrolysis products have been studied. On the basis of the results obtained, the hypothesis has been put forward of a possible linkage of the DNA with the basic proteins. It has been shown that protamines react with the DNA through the basic amino acid residues located at various regions of their molecules.


Amino Acid Composition Protamine Acidic Amino Acid Benzenesulfonyl Basic Amino Acid Residue 


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  • A. N. Bulanova
  • E. P. Yulikova
  • I. A. Kashirin

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