Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 12, Issue 6, pp 633–635 | Cite as

Pectin substances ofChara aculeolata

  • N. K. Cherno
  • M. S. Dudkin
  • I. V. Areshidze


The carbohydrate complex of the Chara algaChara aculeolata Kütz includes an acid polysaccharide similar to the pectin substances of higher plants. It is based on a fragment constructed of α-1→4 bound residues of D-galacturonic acid in the pyranose form. The pectin is characterized by a high homogeneity, a considerable content of D-galacturonic acid, and a low degree of acidification of the carboxy groups.


Pectin Ammonium Oxalate Pectin Substance Galacturonan Epoxy Acid 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • N. K. Cherno
  • M. S. Dudkin
  • I. V. Areshidze

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