Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 16, Issue 6, pp 571–573 | Cite as

Coumarins of three species of the genusHaplophyllum

  • A. Z. Abyshev
  • N. Ya. Isaev
  • Yu. B. Kerimov


The results are given of an investigation of three species of the genusHaplophyllum: H. villosum, H. kowalenskyi, andH. tenue, fromwhich five substances of coumarin nature have been isolated. Of them, two substances (I and II) have been identified as scopoletin and lomatin isovalerate, respectively, while suitable structures have been established for the new compounds tenuidin, villosin, and tenudiol. It has been shown that the coumarin composition of the plants changes with the growth site.


Coumarin Acetonide Epigeal Part Scopoletin Growth Site 


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  • A. Z. Abyshev
  • N. Ya. Isaev
  • Yu. B. Kerimov

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