Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp 741–742 | Cite as

The structure of ervincidine

  • V. M. Malikov
  • M. R. Sharipov
  • S. Yu. Yunusov


The new alkaloid ervincidine has been isolated from the epigeal part ofVinca erecta.

The results of a study of the IR, UV, and mass spectra of the base and of its O,O′-diacetyl derivative have permitted the probable structure of 6-hydroxy-16-demethoxycarbonylpolyneuridine to be put forward for ervincidine.


Mass Spectrum Alkaloid Hydroxy Group Acetic Anhydride Epigeal Part 

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  • V. M. Malikov
  • M. R. Sharipov
  • S. Yu. Yunusov

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