Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Coumarins of Seseli tenuisectum

  • A. M. Aminov
  • G. K. Nikonov


The herbSeseli tenuisectum has been found to contain — in addition to anomalin — another three coumarins (C-2, C-3, and C-4) which are derivatives of khellactone.

On the basis of NMR, mass, and IR spectroscopy, the products of stepwise alkaline methanolysis and hydrolysis, and conversion into pteryxin, it has been established that two of them are isomeric monoesters of khellactone and angelic acid with the structures 3′-angeloyloxy-4′-hydroxy- and 4′-angeloyloxy-3′-hydroxy-3′,4′-dihydroxyseselin, respectively. They have been obtained in the individual state for the first time by thin-layer chromatography, which has enabled their IR spectra to be recorded.

The lactone C-4 is a diester of khellactone with the structure 4′-angeloyloxy-3′-isovaleryloxy-3′,4′-dihydroseselin.

We are the first to have found these substances in plants of the flora of the USSR.


Coumarin Lactone Diester Mother Liquor Isovaleric Acid 


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  • A. M. Aminov
  • G. K. Nikonov

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