Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 309–310 | Cite as

Potentiometric investigation of the hydrogenation of cottonseed oil in solution

  • I. P. Nazarova
  • A. I. Glushenkova
  • A. L. Markman


It has been shown by the potentiometric method that hydrogenation on catalysts with additions of a fourth metal to an aluminum-nickel-copper alloy takes place at a greater concentration of hydrogen on the surface, which leads to a greater rate of hydrogenation and reduces the isomerization process.


Oleic Acid Glyceride Isomerization Process Trans Acid Potentiometric Method 

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  • I. P. Nazarova
  • A. I. Glushenkova
  • A. L. Markman

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