Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 440–442 | Cite as

Structure of the xylan from the stems of the cotton plant

  • V. K. Lekomtseva
  • A. S. Sadykov


1. The structure of the aldobiuronic acid isolated from the xylan of cotton-plant stems has been established by its reduction and the hydrolysis of the reduced product.

2. From a study of the products of the hydrolysis of the methylated xylan from cotton-plant stems the positions of attachment of the side chains in the molecule of the xylan and their structure have been determined, and a most probable structure for the xylan molecule has been put forward.


Xylose Cotton Plant Sodium Hydride Barium Hydroxide Barium Carbonate 


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  • V. K. Lekomtseva
  • A. S. Sadykov

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