Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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Structure of the coumarin sechulin

  • A. M. Aminov
  • G. K. Nikonov


From the roots ofSeseli tschuense E.Nik. sp. novo a new sulfur-containing coumarin has been isolated with the composition C18H16O5S, mp 245–246.5°C, and it has been called sechulin. Its most probable structure has been established on the basis of its NMR, IR, UV, and mass spectra and also reduction and titration reactions. This is the first sulfur-containing dilactone that has been found in the coumarin series.


Coumarin Chromones Lactone Ring Anhydrous Benzene Sodium Tetrahydroborate 


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  • A. M. Aminov
  • G. K. Nikonov

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