Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 556–558 | Cite as

Quantitative composition of the resin acids produced by the coniferous species of the USSR

  • I. I. Bardyshev
  • A. N. Bulgakov
  • A. L. Pertsovskii


1. The chemical composition of mixtures of resin acids isolated from the balsams of native conifer species, Scotch, Crimean, and Siberian pines andP. hamota andP. pityusa, Norway spruce, and Siberian larch, has been studied by the GLC method.

2. The following resin acids are present in the balsams: pimaric, sandaracopimaric, levopimaric, palustric, isopimaric, abietic, dehydro- and dihydroabietic, neoabietic, four acids of undetermined chemical structure, and fatty acids. The balsams differ in the quantitative composition of the resin acids that they contain.


Resin Acid Relative Retention Time Tetramethylammonium Quantitative Composition Turpentine 


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  • I. I. Bardyshev
  • A. N. Bulgakov
  • A. L. Pertsovskii

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