Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 552–555 | Cite as

Flavonoid compounds of Scutellaria przewalskii

  • M. F. Denikeeva
  • V. I. Litvinenko
  • L. I. Borodin


The epigeal part ofScutellaria przewalskii has been shown to contain apigenin, luteolin, scutellarein, dinatin, hispidulin, pectolinarigenin; the 7-glucosides and 7-glucuronides of apigenin, luteolin, scutellarein, and dinatin; and also the 7-glucobiosides of scutellarein, dinatin, and hispidulin; and these substances have been isolated. It has been established that the glucuronides of the flavonoids are present in the salt form.


Flavonoid Glycoside Luteolin Apigenin Baicalin 


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  • M. F. Denikeeva
  • V. I. Litvinenko
  • L. I. Borodin

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