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Variation in a wild groundnut species, Arachis duranensis Krapov. & W.C. Gregory


Forty-two accessions of Arachis duranensis, a wild groundnut species that has been reported as a source of resistance to several groundnut diseases, were studied for 30 quantitative traits including total protein content, oil content, and reaction to groundnut rust. Protein profiles were also investigated for variation at the molecular level. Principal component analysis was applied to 28 traits that showed significant variation. Of these, only five characters, namely, height of the main stem, length of apical leaflet on the main stem, length of isthmus between pods, width of seed, and reaction to groundnut rust, accounted for more than 61.4% of the total variation. Protein profiles of these accessions were broadly similar, except some accessions which differed in few bands. The importance of these variations in strategies for germplasm collection and breeding is discussed.

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Submitted as Journal Article No. 1507 by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Patancheru P.O. 502 324 A.P. India.

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Key words

  • Arachis duranensis
  • groundnut rust
  • principal component analysis
  • protein profile
  • variability