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Impact of Ulnar Styloid Fractures on the Treatment Effect of Distal Radius Fractures with Volar Plate Fixation: A Case Control Study

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There is a controversy regarding whether ulnar styloid fractures affect the efficacy of treatment of distal radial fractures. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether ulnar styloid fractures impact wrist joint function in patients without distal radioulnar joint instability, after distal radial fracture fixation using a volar plate.

Materials and Methods

Seventy-five patients with a distal radial fracture were treated using a volar plate between February 2010 and February 2016 (33 men and 42 women; mean age 40.9 ± 9.4 years). Forty-four patients had ulnar styloid fractures (Group A) and 31 patients did not (Group B). There were no differences between the two groups with regard to sex, age, course of the disease and fracture type (P > 0.05).


The mean follow-up time was 21 months. There were no differences between the groups in palmar tilt, radial inclination and radial length when the distal radial fractures had healed (P > 0.05). At the final follow-up visit, the two groups were similar in terms of wrist motion range, and grip and pinch strength (P > 0.05). The Gartland–Werley scores were 13 for excellent, 26 for good, 3 for fair and 2 for poor (excellence rate 89%) for Group A, and 10 for excellent, 17 for good, 2 for fair and 2 for poor (excellence rate 87%) for Group B. The difference between the two groups was not significant (Z = − 0.097, P = 0.922).


After open reduction and plate fixation of distal radial fractures, if stability of the distal radioulnar joint is achieved, untreated ulnar styloid fractures have no impact on wrist joint function.

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Availability of Supporting Data

The data sets supporting the results of this article are included within the article and its additional files.


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Correspondence to Dong Yin.

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  • Distal radial fracture
  • Ulnar styloid fracture
  • Volar plate fixation
  • Wrist function
  • Treatment
  • Case–control study