Fuzzy-Logic-Controlled Shunt-Active-Filter in IEEE Thirty-Bus- System with Improved-Dynamic Time-Response

  • S. DhandayuthapaniEmail author
  • K. Anisha
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This effort endeavors on improving the dynamic time-response of a Wind Energy Conversion System associated to IEEE Thirty-Bus-System (TBS) using closed loop controlled Active Power Filter with FL-Controller. This effort deals with modeling & simulation of IEEE TBS employing FL-Controller based Shunt-active-filter. The SAF is executed with Voltage-Source-Inverter & the switching-pulses are created utilizing FL-Controller. In this proposed work open loop IEEE TBS with and without SAF, closed loop PI and FLC based SAF are simulated and the corresponding time domain parameters are given. The outcome represents that FL-Controller system has better response than PI Controlled Shunt Active Filter system. The contribution of this work is to improve the dynamic response of SAF–TBS using FL -Controller.


PICSAF Shunt active filter FL-Controller VSI TBS 



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