Briefing the Canadian Government on Experimental Voter Policy: Lessons Learned

  • Harley Lang
  • Benjamin N. WittsEmail author
Activism and Advocacy

In 2016, the newly elected House of Commons of Canada formed the Special Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) and tasked it with identifying alternatives to the current federal first-past-the-post election system that (a) were perceived as fair, (b) encouraged more Canadians to cast their vote, (c) were accessible to all Canadians, (d) functioned with integrity, and (e) connected local concerns to national policy (House of Commons of Canada, 2016). We submitted an application to speak to the special committee as expert witnesses and were invited to speak at the committee’s public consultation meeting on September 28, 2016, in Vancouver, British Columbia (Lang & Witts, 2016). At that time, we were completing a behavioral assessment of voter turnout that investigated the putative influence of compulsory voting, the density of polling stations to voters, and party control in two-party systems (Lang & Witts, 2018). Because the committee was mandated to investigate tactics that encourage...


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