Neuere Entwicklungen in der Wissenschaftsgeschichte: Die (mindestens) drei Wissenschaftskulturen und ihre Historiografien

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Recent developments in the history of science: on (at least) three academic cultures and their historiographies


This review essay addresses publications in the history of science and the history of knowledge since 2013/14, focusing on three main fields: the history of the natural sciences, the history of the humanities, and the history of the social sciences. The essay follows the thesis that the recent history of knowledge continually supersedes the traditional history of science, a process that transforms the history of science into a general history of scientific knowledge in society, concentrating on circulation processes, practices, and such concepts and methods that do not clearly assign either to the sciences or the humanities. The aim of this review essay is to show the diversity of the history of scientific knowledge and to work out the desiderata for further research.


History of science History of knowledge 

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