Kapitalismuskritik und Krisendiskurs

Politik und Ökonomie in theoretischen und zeitdiagnostischen Debatten
  • David SalomonEmail author


Ever since the origin of the global economic crisis 2007 ff., the political debate, along with the contemporary analysis of society, centre around an ongoing discourse that is deeply affected by said crisis. It is within this context that the critique of capitalism saw a renaissance in social studies. This paper suggests to not look separately at the economic, ecological and political crises, but rather regard them as a sign that points out the proneness to crisis of capitalism as society’s regulative framework. At first, we will be covering texts that deal with the relation between the capitalistic economy and politics. Afterwards, the topics of financialisation, inequality, (post-)growth and democracy will be discussed. Our aim here is to show that this newly arisen critique of capitalism is, and has to be, the very core of a modern critique of society itself.


Kapitalismus Kapitalismuskritik Postwachstum Soziale Ungleichheit Demokratie 

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