Study of In-Plane Wave Propagation in 2-Dimensional Anisotropic Elastic Metamaterials

  • Sheng SangEmail author
  • Eric Sandgren
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Due to its multiple applications, elastic metamaterial is of great interest for researchers today. In this article, in-plane wave propagation in 2-D anisotropic metamateials with anisotropic density and anisotropic Young’s modulus is comprehensively studied.


Characteristics of wave propagation in 2-D metamaterial with different combinations of negative properties are provided, and the unnatural phenomenon is also explained. Based on Snell’s law and weld boundary condition, analysis of wave propagation from conventional isotropic material into anisotropic metamaterial is performed.


This paper can serve as a foundation for future study of massive modeling and simulation of both isotropic and anisotropic metamaterials.


Elastic metamaterials Wave propagation Anisotropy Christoffel equations Snell’s law 


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