New Type of Vibration Generator with Vibratory Force Oriented in Preferred Direction

  • Vitaly V. MikheyevEmail author
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Numerous technical solutions are used to produce periodic (vibration) force which may be used in different applications. All of them possess certain advantages as well as obvious drawbacks caused by the principle on which the work of device (vibration exciter) is based.


The main problem to be discussed in the article is to suggest the new principle of construction of a device for periodic force generation. The vector of force produced by the device is supposed to be preferably oriented along the direction of a certain axis.

Methods and Results

The idea implied for the solution of the stated problem is conversion of rotational motion of relatively light “inertia-less” crank into inertial force applied to the axis of rotation (circular vibration) of heavy eccentric pendulum-like mass. The dependence on time and spatial distribution of this inertial force was investigated. High-energy efficiency of the device and absence of “recoil” which is unalienable for almost all types of vibratory exciters were proven theoretically and confirmed by experimental data acquired with 3-d prototype model of the suggested device. Further technical application of the construction is discussed.


Special new type of periodic force generator is presented in the article. Theoretical consideration of construction as well as results of experimental investigation of construction prototype is given.


Vibration exciter Centripetal acceleration Directed oscillations Periodic inertial force 



The reported research was funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the government of the region of the Russian Federation, grant no 18-48-550005.


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