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Thin, Stable, Anti-Reflective

  • Schott AG
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An interesting alternative for mechanically stressed display glazing is the new anti-reflective glass from the Schott technology group. They are available under the brand name Conturan® Tough AS, more break-resistant than comparable hardened float glass and at the same time thin and light.

Whether for medical or touch applications - today displays are used more and more in outdoor and industrial environments. Even toughened float glass sometimes does not withstand such increased demands or does not offer the desired safety. Schott has now developed Conturan Tough AS for this purpose. The substrate of the cover glass made of aluminosilicate glass (AS) guarantees high mechanical stability and 50 % improved break and impact strength compared to chemically toughened soda lime float glass.

The glass was optimized for chemical tempering. According to Schott, it is the only glass of its kind to allow this increase in strength through the anti-reflective layer. The glass is stable and at the...

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