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Electrical and optical property measurement of nickel-doped barium stannate synthesized by modified solid state sintering

  • Soumya MukherjeeEmail author
  • Asima Adak Maity
  • Mahua Ghosh Chaudhari
  • Siddhartha Mukherjee
Research and Development Electroceramics


Mechanical mixing of precursors followed by sintering at 1350 °C treated for 2 h were performed to synthesize nickel-doped barium stannate BaSn1-x NixO3 with x = 0.05, 0.10 and 0.15. The phase formation of synthesized material was identified by X-ray Diffractogram (XRD), which confirms a cubic perovskite structure as major constituent. The crystallite size and plane of orientation were calculated from the diffraction pattern. The morphological behaviour was studied from SEM images, and the chemical constituents of the synthesized materials were identified from EDX spectra. Bond formation and M—O coordination of the synthesized materials were identified from FTIR absorption spectra corresponding to symmetric and asymmetric stretches of bonding. Optical properties of the sintered samples were measured by UV—V spectroscopy. The bandgap of the synthesized material was calculated from the spectrograph. The photoluminescence characteristics were studied from PL spectra. The nanocrystalline behaviour of the material was assessed from HRTEM images and SAED patterns. The electrical measurements in terms of dielectric and ferroelectric properties were measured for various concentrations of doped materials.


Nanocrystalline bandgap luminescence dielectric ferroelectric microstructure phase analysis 



The authors are greatly indebted to the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, JU, Kolkata, India, for giving us the opportunity to take up this interesting project work. It is our privilege to convey our heartiest thanks to Mr. Sudhir Ghosh for the supporting XRD facilities, Dr. Jhimli Sarkar for UV—VIS, Mr. Uttam Kumar Ghorai and Mr. Nilesh Majumdar for photoluminescence and dielectric property studies, respectively. We also thank Dr. Nirmalya Das for the TEM facilities and Dr. Angshuman Sil, CGCRI, for providing the PE loop facilities.


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  • Asima Adak Maity
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  • Mahua Ghosh Chaudhari
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  2. 2.Heritage Institute of TechnologyKolkata-700107India
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