Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Effects on Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Potassium Pentaborate (KB5) Single Crystals

  • S. Stella Mary
  • S. Shahil KirupavathyEmail author
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Swift heavy ion irradiation on nonlinear optical active potassium pentaborate (KB5) single crystal altered the structural, optical and electrical properties of the crystal. Point defects created during irradiation is evidenced from the high resolution X-ray diffraction analysis. From the photoluminescence spectrum it is understood that the weakening of B–O bond led to red shift in the KB5 crystal. The frequency dependence of dielectric constant and dielectric loss is been explained on the basis of polarization mechanism. Also it is observed that the polarization decreases due to trapping of charge carriers at the defect regions. The increase in conductivity with frequency is due to the reduction in the space charge polarization at higher frequencies.


Irradiation effect Swift heavy ion Crystal growth Photoluminescence Dielectric properties 



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