Review of The story of White Hall Centre: Outdoor education across the decades by Pete McDonald

Pete McDonald, 2018, ISBN: 9780473425272
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Book review

Outdoor education is an academic discipline, revealed on the pages of textbooks and in lectures at tertiary institutions. In the first instance though, outdoor education is a practical enterprise, an enterprise involving real people in real outdoor places, interacting with a particular purpose in mind. The Story of White Hall Centre is the history of a residential outdoor education centre, capturing the practical achievements of its people - staff, students and supporters - over the 67 years of its operation and in the process illuminating the field of outdoor education generally as indicated in its sub-title.

One of the intriguing aspects of any organisation is how it started. In Part One, McDonald introduces a range of characters who are responsible in a variety of ways for the establishment of the White Hall Centre and situates them in an historic landscape. It is people who influence and make decisions. Well known, influential figures in the development of outdoor education in the...


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