Water Waves

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Low Regularity Solutions for Gravity Water Waves

  • Albert AiEmail author
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We prove local well-posedness for the gravity water waves equations without surface tension, with initial velocity field in \(H^s\), \(s > \frac{d}{2} + 1 - \mu \), where \(\mu = \frac{1}{10}\) in the case \(d = 1\) and \(\mu = \frac{1}{5}\) in the case \(d \ge 2\), extending previous results of Alazard–Burq–Zuily. The improvement primarily arises in two areas. First, we perform an improved analysis of the regularity of the change of variables from Eulerian to Lagrangian coordinates. Second, we perform a time-interval length optimization of the localized Strichartz estimates.


Gravity water waves Strichartz estimates Local smoothing estimates Low regularity solutions Wave packet parametrix 



The author would like to thank his advisor, Daniel Tataru, for introducing him to this research area and for many helpful discussions.


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