Water Waves

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The Pressure Boundary Condition and the Pressure as Lagrangian for Water Waves

  • Thomas J. BridgesEmail author
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The pressure boundary condition for the full Euler equations with a free surface and general vorticity field is formulated in terms of a generalized Bernoulli equation deduced from the Gavrilyuk–Kalisch–Khorsand conservation law. The use of pressure as a Lagrangian density, as in Luke’s variational principle, is reviewed and extension to a full vortical flow is attempted with limited success. However, a new variational principle for time-dependent water waves in terms of the stream function is found. The variational principle generates vortical boundary conditions but with a harmonic stream function. Other aspects of vorticity in variational principles are also discussed.


Oceanography Lagrangian Vorticity Streamfunction Variational principle 


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