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Experimental study and industrial demonstration on utilization of Fe, Ti and V from vanadium-bearing titanomagnetite ore sands

  • Jing GuEmail author
  • Li Wang
  • De-hong Xia
  • Feng Zhang
  • Zhao-dong Qi
  • Wen-qing Ao
Original Paper


In order to achieve highly efficient utilization of three valuable elements Fe, Ti and V simultaneously from vanadium-bearing titanomagnetite ore sands, an improved carbothermic reduction method was proposed and verified in both laboratory scale and industrial test-bed scale. The method combined the process of direct reduction and the process of further reduction and separation. Particularly, pulverized coal injection was introduced. In experimental tests, the effects of parameters such as carbon content in briquette, reduction duration and reduction temperature on the contents of metallic Fe and FeO as well as Fe metallization rate were analyzed. Experimental results indicated that Fe metallization rate in the carbon-containing briquette could reach 75.83%. In the industrial test-bed tests, the effects of carbon content in briquette, reduction duration and reduction temperature were also investigated, respectively. In addition, processes with and without pulverized coal injection were tested. The comparative analysis indicated that the content of TiO2 in titaniferous slag was increased by applying pulverized coal injection, and it can reach 82.5 wt.%. Meanwhile, the energy performance analysis showed that the equivalent electricity consumption of the test-bed dropped significantly to 2071 kWh per ton of slag, about 26.0% less than that of traditional method. Moreover, the investment payback of the test-bed is 3.4 years. Both experiments and industrial test-bed tests demonstrated that the proposed method has the advantages of highly efficient utilization, high energy efficiency as well as good economic performance.


Vanadium titanomagnetite Titaniferous slag Rotary hearth furnace Direct reduction Industrial test-bed 


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  2. 2.Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramic and RefractoriesChina Iron & Steel Research Institute GroupBeijingChina

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