Evaluation of interaction between Sn and passivated stainless steel through an easy chromaticity approach

  • Yan Zhao
  • Jian-jun GuanEmail author
  • Feng Liu
  • Ping Liang
  • Cong-qian Cheng
  • Jie Zhao
Original Paper


The interaction between Sn and passivated stainless steel was evaluated through an easy chromaticity approach. The microstructure of Fe–Sn intermetallics (IMCs) was observed, and their growth was inspected at different time after the interaction. The oxide film on stainless steel exposed in air locally delayed IMC growth, and the chemically passivated film protected stainless steel from Fe–Sn compound formation. To investigate the interaction mechanism, the integrity of passivated films grown on stainless steel was evaluated by chromogenic inspection. The interaction extent was related to colour measurement a*. Results indicated that the measured value of a* from the inspection decreased with the increasing exposure time, and a minimum a* value was found in chemically passivated samples. The tendency of the colour measurement was consistent with the effect of passive film on IMC growth. The interfacial reaction of passivated stainless steel with Sn was illustrated based on the integrity of the passive films.


Stainless steel Passive film Chromaticity inspection Sn Fe–Sn intermetallics 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC No. 51571051), Science and Technology Research Fund of Liaoning Province, Department of Education (Nos. L2016008, L2017LQN026), Doctor Research Start-up Fund of Liaoning Province (No. 201601336) and Scientific Research Cultivation Fund of LSHU (No. 2016PY-024).


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  • Yan Zhao
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  • Jian-jun Guan
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  • Feng Liu
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  • Ping Liang
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  • Cong-qian Cheng
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  • Jie Zhao
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  2. 2.School of Materials Science and EngineeringDalian University of TechnologyDalianChina

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