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Der Einsatz von Akupunktur in der Notfallversorgung

  • Thomas OtsEmail author
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Burns JR, Kram JJF, Xiong V, Stark Casadont JM, Mullen TA, Conway N, Baumgardner DJ (2019) Utilization of acupuncture services in the emergency department setting: a quality improvement study. J Patient Cent Res Rev. Spring; 6(2):172–178. Published online 2019 Apr 29.



Patients often present to the emergency department (ED) for pain. As opioid fatalities rise, alternative treatments are warranted for pain management. Acupuncture, a nonpharmacological treatment involving the insertion of needles into skin or tissue at specific points within the body, may help to decrease acute pain. Our study aimed to assess the utilization and impact of acupuncture in the ED for acute pain management.


We conducted a retrospective analysis of purposefully collected quality improvement data. Patients who were ≥18 years old and who presented to the ED at an urban medical center in Wisconsin during 2017 were offered...

The use of acupuncture in emergency care



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