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Bobath plus Deep Dry Needling nach Schlaganfall zur Behandlung von Spastiken

  • Janina GeibEmail author
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Sanchez-Mila Z, Salon-Moreno J, Fernandez-de-las-Penas C (2018) Effects of dry needling on post-stroke spasticity, motor function and stability limits: a randomized clinical trial. Acupunct Med.



To determine the effects of inclusion of deep dry needling into a treatment session following the Bobath concept on spasticity, motor function and postural control after a stroke.


26 patients who had suffered a stroke were randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups: Bobath only, or Bobath plus dry needling. Both groups received a session including strengthening, stretching and reconditioning exercises following the principles of the Bobath concept. Patients in the Bobath plus dry needling group also received a single session of ultrasound-guided dry needling of the tibialis posterior. Spasticity (Modified Modified Ashworth Scale), function (Fugl-Meyer Scale) and stability limits (computerised...

Bobath and deep dry needeling for post-stroke spasticity



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