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Pretreatment for seawater desalination plants by calcite ooids filter

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The calcium carbonate is the main constituent of calcite ooids which are important and often dominant components of marine sediments. In this study, the calcite ooids were fabricated inside a semi-pilot seawater-softening unit assembled in the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI) with an effective particle sizes varying from less than 0.5 up to 3.0 mm. The created calcite ooids were used as new filtration media in pretreatment stage of a seawater desalination plant. A feed water quality improvement was achieved at various temperatures (20–40 °C) and at various speeds (20–60 l/min). Typical operating qualifications of calcite ooids filter in seawater desalination plant are speed of 20 l/min and temperature of 40 °C in the presence of poly-aluminum chloride coagulant, PAC (1.6 mg Al/l). The filtrate produced from ooids filter had a better silt density index (SDI) of 2.85, higher removal of turbidity (89.4%), higher total organic carbons reduction (66.1%) and TOC reduction exceeds to 95.7% after granular activated carbon filter. Therefore, the service and backwash flow rates and bed expansion percentage are the essential operating parameters which were studied.

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The acknowledgment of this work should be awarded to Assistant Professor Dr. Radwan Elzoheiry, mechanical power engineering department—Banha University—Egypt, for his assistance and improvement of this paper.

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