Development of Nitrogen Fertilizer Topdressing Model for Winter Wheat Based on Critical Nitrogen Dilution Curve

  • Yang Wang
  • Youliang YeEmail author
  • Yufang Huang
  • Yanan Zhao
  • Ning Ren
  • Wen Fu
  • Songhua Yue


Critical nitrogen (Nc) dilution curve and its extended N nutrient index (NNI) in previous study was only be applied to wheat for N status diagnosis. This research improved this model and further established the N topdressing model which can be quantify the N topdressing rate when NNI < 1. To facilitate the estimate of the Nc concentration, the determination of basal stem tissue sap nitrate (Nit) concentration as a rapid and operational way was used to characterize N status in this study. The results revealed that N dilution curve in this study specific to winter wheat could be used to establish the N nutrition status. There was significantly positive relationship between the Nit concentration and whole plant N concentration at each growth stage. Moreover, the Nit concentration linearly and positively correlated to the N fertilizer application rate, then deducing the N fertilizer topdressing rate per 100 Nit unit, which finally established the N fertilizer topdressing model: N topdressing rate = (critical Nit − actual Nit) × N topdressing rate per 100 Nit unit. The N dilution curve-based model will offer technical support for managing the precise application of N during the growth period of wheat crops.


Wheat Critical nitrogen dilution curve Topdressing model Nitrate concentration 



Critical N concentration


Actual N concentration


Nitrogen nutrient index


Basal stem tissue sap nitrate


Critical Nit


Dry matter



This work was financially supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (No. 2017YFD0200100) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31471935).

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