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Oscillating column and triboelectric nanogenerator for ocean wave energy


This paper investigated energy harvesting from ocean waves using an oscillating column (OC) and a triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). First, preliminary tests were conducted for a TENG fabricated using copper alloy or pure copper and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape. Then, an OC was designed and built with the pure copper TENG, which was tested previously. The final design was tested in a tow tank with a wave maker to demonstrate the OC–TENG system under simulated ocean waves. The study examined different parameters that influenced the power generation, i.e., the voltage of alternative currents, in order to determine what parameters are critical to higher power generation.

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The authors appreciate Mr. Jarema Didoszak for his assistance throughout this research. We would like to thank LT Katherine Mann for her help in developing this Triboelectric Nanogenerator. Finally, we would like to thank John Mobley in Machine Lab, STG1 Corey Cauffiel in the Robodojo, and Mr. Daniel Sakoda for their help in fabricating parts for this project.

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  • Energy harvest
  • Oscillation column
  • Triboelectric nanogenerator
  • Ocean wave