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Recent Progresses in Electrocatalysts for Water Electrolysis

Authors: Muhammad Arif Khan, Hongbin Zhao*, Wenwen Zou, Zhe Chen, Wenjuan Cao, Jianhui Fang, Jiaqiang Xu, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Zhang*

Corresponding authors:

(1) Hongbin Zhao (Email:

(2) Jiujun Zhang (Email:;

A Review of Carbon-Composited Materials as Air-Electrode Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Metal–Air Batteries

Authors: Yan-Jie Wang, Baizeng Fang, Dan Zhang, Aijun Li, David P. Wilkinson, Anna Ignaszak*, Lei Zhang, Jiujun Zhang*

Corresponding authors:

(1) Anna Ignaszak (Email:

(2) Jiujun Zhang (Email:

Carbon-Based Metal-Free Electrocatalysis for Energy Conversion, Energy Storage, and Environmental Protection

Authors: Chuangang Hu, Ying Xiao, Yuqin Zou, Liming Dai*

Corresponding author: Liming Dai (Email:

Rational Design and Synthesis of Low-Temperature Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts

Authors: Na Tian, Bang-An Lu, Xiao-Dong Yang, Rui Huang, Yan-Xia Jiang, Zhi-You Zhou, Shi-Gang Sun

Corresponding author: Shi-Gang Sun (Emai

Structural Design of Lithium–Sulfur Batteries: From Fundamental Research to Practical Application

Authors: Xiaofei Yang, Xia Li, Keegan Adair, Huamin Zhang, Xueliang Sun

Corresponding authors:

(1) Huamin Zhang (Email:

(2) Xueliang Sun (Email:

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