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We would like to gratefully acknowledge all reviewers for their time and expertise so generously given to the peer review of manuscripts in Economics of Disasters and Climate Change in 2018. We truly appreciate their continued support and commitment in helping us maintain and improve the quality of our journal.

Ariel Belasen

Michael Berlemann

Wouter Botzen

Sudarshan Chalise

Andrew Chapman

Chiradip Chatterjee

Shun Chonabayashi

Samantha De Martino

Vandhana Devi

Amy Donahue

Noah Dormady

Stefan Drews

Konstantinos Evangellinos

Susana Ferreira

Hide Fujii

Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler

Nobuhiro Hosoe

David Howard

Rabaud Isabelle

Warren Kriesel

Monique Ladds

Sara Lazzaroni

Daniel Osberghaus

Darshana Rajapaksa

Megan Regan

James Rising

John Rush

Takeshi Sakurai

Alan Sanstad

Anastasia Shcherbakova

Swenja Surminksi

Shiro Takeda

Melvin Wong

Rio Yonson

Xiao Yu

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