BFM: a forward backward string matching algorithm with improved shifting for information retrieval

  • MD. Obaidullah Al-FarukEmail author
  • K. M. Akib Hussain
  • MD. Adnan Shahriar
  • Shakila Mahjabin Tonni
Original Research


Mining data from text is often becomes a crucial part of data mining tasks. With the growing tendency of using cloud and sharing more and more files over the internet, the necessity of applying a string matching algorithm in text mining has increased rapidly in present time. These algorithms need to make less character comparisons and pattern shifts while searching. In this paper, we’re proposing a new algorithm named Back and Forth Matching (BFM) algorithm that works faster by matching a pattern from both the forward and backward direction. It shows a tremendous improvement, in comparison to other algorithms, while matching strings in large text files.


Data mining Text search Text mining String matching Exact pattern matching Knuth–Morris–Pratt Boyer–Moore 


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