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Big data for better Indian healthcare

  • Tawseef Ayoub ShaikhEmail author
  • Rashid Ali
Original Research


Present healthcare breeds an immense amount of data with an exponentially growing rate. This data is not only voluminous but also complex in terms of the different formats because of the diverse sources of the data like Electronic Health Record, clinical data, streaming data from sensors, medical image data, biomedical signal data, laboratory data, etc., which have strained the capabilities of existing conventional relational database management systems. In such a scenario, big data solutions offer to harness these massive, heterogeneous and complex data sets to obtain more meaningful and knowledgeable information. To integrate and find the relationship among these unstructured types of data is a hot topic nowadays. Big data is the hope which can come to rescue in triumphing the insights from these oceanic quantities of data. Big data is a term which is expected to solve the problems of volume, velocity, and variety, mostly present in the healthcare data. This paper presents a new framework for implementing big data solutions in the healthcare sector, the potential opportunities and challenges are also discussed, particularly in the context of Indian healthcare.


Big data analytics (BDA) Indian healthcare Electronic health records (EHR) Hadoop MapReduce 


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