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An efficient image retrieval tool: query based image management system

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As the development over a computer is going up, many systems are under the process of development and several systems exist which are working for storage and retrieval of images based on their content of the image, these types of systems are called CBIR. It is comparatively costlier than an image indexing system, but more accurate too. Hence, this reveals that there exists a proportional relation between accurateness and the computational cost. This swapping reduces cost and more competent algorithms are introduced and increased computational power turns into inexpensive. In this paper, an honest effort is made to retrieve the closest image to the input by the user from the image database. In this newly designed system, all the images are stored in the database as in the form of a visual content matrix and matching is performed using that matrix. In query based image management system (QBIMS), the primary description of the image is given by its shape, texture, and color. The working principle behind QBIMS is completely different than that of indexing. This helps QBIMS to fetch the closest image from the digital image datasets. Through this proposed tool an attempt is made for the purpose of computing power increment as well as cost decrement of the whole system. The functionality of the system is described along with snapshots of the GUI of the developed tool.

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  • Query-based image management system (QBIMS)
  • Content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
  • Energy
  • Entropy
  • Contrast
  • Horizontal and vertical edges
  • Mean and standard deviation