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It is my great pleasure to recall the publication of the first issue of Journal of Packaging Technology and Research (JPAC) which was released on March, 2017. It was also planned to publish three issues in every year, i.e. the month of March, July and November. Accordingly, we have successfully published six issues in 2017 and 2018 and the first issue in 2019 was released in March, 2019. Now, I am happy to present the second issue of Volume 3 of Journal of Packaging Technology and Research. JPAC is an international peer-reviewed publication that publishes original high-quality research and review paper on topics related to Packaging Science and Technology.

Keeping in view of this objective, this journal has published a number of original high-quality research papers and review papers related to different aspects of packaging like innovative packaging materials and their performances, new dimensions of Printing technology, quality assessment of edible film derived from plant and animal resources, shelf life study of different types of fresh and processed food products packaged either in different types of flexible packaging or rigid packaging materials, product–package compatibility study, innovative effective package design, graphics, consumer perceptions in packaging, packaging logistics and supply chain management.

In the same line, this issue of the journal covers different aspects like Studies on Formulation and properties of Fruit Peel Waste incorporated edible film and its effect on quality of bread; Thermal analysis of Paper Board Packaging with Phase Change material: A numerical study; Quality and Shelf Life of Sodium-acetate treated seer Fish (Scomberomorus Commerson) steaks packed in EVOH Pouches during Chilled Storage; Effect of Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) Pericap Extract on the different carriers for Antioxidant active Packaging films; Mangosteen Pericap Extract—an inspiration from nature design Methodology for in-store display; Development and Characterization of Commercial Biodegradable film from PLA and Corn Starch for Fresh Produce Packaging, Consumer perception of opening advices on cookies and chocolate puffed rice packaging with opening tabs; Effect of Package Design of Handloom Products to Influence Consumer Perception and a review paper on Characterization of new biodegradable edible films and coatings based on seeds Gum, etc.

It is expected that this journal will be highly useful for the researchers involved in basic as well as applied research in the field of Packaging. In addition, efforts are also being made to make this journal more useful to the industry by incorporating a separate “Industry News” section. This section will highlight about the development and innovations of different types of polymeric materials with high degree of performance for packaging application, “State of the Art” conversion technologies and manufacturing process, consumer friendly package design, development of innovative eco-friendly packaging materials, utilization of packaging waste by way of developing new innovative materials for non-packaging application in compliance to the Environmental regulations like extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) and the initiative taken by the industry for Circular economy. Besides, it is also planned to add another section on “Patents” for structural development of packaging materials, packaging concepts, Cutting-edge technology for higher productivity with minimum wastage, etc.

I invite researchers working on all aspects of packaging research to contribute to JPAC. To submit online or to read papers published so far free of Charge, please visit the journal webpage at


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