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Effect of Packaging Material on Colour Kinetics and Biochemical Parameters of Custard Apple Powder During Storage

  • B. C. Khodifad
  • Navneet KumarEmail author
  • H. G. Bhatt
  • D. M. Vyas
Research Article


Custard apple powder (25 g) prepared by foam mat drying for storage under optimised conditions were sealed using a laminated aluminium foil pouch and polyethylene bags with and without vacuum packaging and glass bottle. During the storage, the average colour-L* values decreased, whereas colour-a* values, colour-b* values, and total colour difference (ΔE) value increased with storage period. Colour change was more pronounced in packages without vacuum and glass bottle as compared to laminated aluminium foil pouch and polyethylene bag with vacuum. The average ascorbic acid, total sugar, and overall acceptability were more in case of packaging (laminated aluminium foil pouch and polyethylene bag) under vacuum condition as compared to glass bottle followed by (laminated aluminium foil pouch and polyethylene bag) without vacuum condition. The average sensory score, i.e., 7.74 even after 90 days of storage in laminated aluminium foil pouch with vacuum, indicates that the product may be stored for 90 days without appreciable loss of quality. The zero-order model is recommended for the prediction of colour-L*, colour-a* value, moisture content, ascorbic acid, and total sugar of custard apple powder during storage period due to higher R2 and lower χ2 and RMSE values.


Custard apple powder Packaging Colour kinetics 



Our sincere thanks to Anand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat, India for providing necessary requirements for conducting research work.


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  1. 1.Department of Processing and Food Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering and TechnologyAnand Agricultural UniversityGodhraIndia
  2. 2.Food Quality Testing Laboratory, College of Food Processing Technology and Bio-EnergyAnand Agricultural UniversityAnandIndia
  3. 3.Department of Processing and Food Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering and TechnologyJunagadh Agricultural UniversityJunagadhIndia

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