The Archive Solution for Distributed Workflow Management Agents of the CMS Experiment at LHC

  • Valentin KuznetsovEmail author
  • Nils Leif Fischer
  • Yuyi Guo
Original Article


The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC developed the workflow management archive system to persistently store unstructured framework job report documents produced by distributed workflow management agents. In this paper we present its architecture, implementation, deployment, and integration with the CMS and CERN computing infrastructures, such as central HDFS and Hadoop Spark cluster. The system leverages modern technologies such as a document oriented database and the Hadoop eco-system to provide the necessary flexibility to reliably process, store, and aggregate \(\mathcal {O}\)(1M) documents on a daily basis. We describe the data transformation, the short and long term storage layers, the query language, along with the aggregation pipeline developed to visualize various performance metrics to assist CMS data operators in assessing the performance of the CMS computing system.


BigData LHC Data management 



We would like to thank our colleagues Seangchan Ryu (FNAL) and Alan Malta (Univ. of Nebraska) for numerous feedback and guidance across various details of CMS Workflow Management System. Special thanks goes to Eric Vaandering (FNAL) for initiating the idea of WMArchive system in CMS and his constant support along development cycle. We also would like to thank Luca Menichetti from CERN IT who provided support for development, maintenance and deployment of our scripts on Spark platform.


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  1. 1.Cornell UniversityIthacaUSA
  2. 2.Heidelberg UniversityHeidelbergGermany
  3. 3.Fermilab National LaboratoryWinfield TownshipUSA

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